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Model of the Human Heart

Are you trying to make a model of human heart? 

This low cost, hand crafted model is often used by students who are trying to make a model heart and by those who need a model heart as a valuable addition to their science project display board.

Having an actual model is a positive help for any one who needs to make a heart model for the first time.

This model of the heart is a great learning resource for students as well as professionals.  You may have seen a model similar to this in your doctors office and now is your chance to have one at home.  The heart is the most amazing part of our bodies and its the organ that provides us with life by pumping blood throughout our bodies.  This model is 1X dissectible and comes with a stand for display purposes.  It is made of indestructible polymer making it durable for prolonged periods of use.  It is hand painted, has numbered parts and keyed description. 

This model is a great informative tool for your home or classroom to study this vital organ or in the office, such as a doctors office for your patient's information.
Labeled parts in this model are:
  1. Right Ventricle
  2. Left Ventricle
  3. Right Atrium
  4. Left Atrium
  5. Superior Vena Cava
  6. Inferior Vena Cava
  7. Pulmonary Artery
  8. Pulmonary Vein
  9. Aortic Arch
  10. Pulmonary Semilunar Valve
  11. Septum
  12. Aortic Semilunar Valve
  13. Myocardium
  14. Coronary Sinus
  15. Tricuspid Valve
  16. Mitral Valve
Parts are separable from the base for close observation and discussion.

Teachers use this model to teach about human heart.

Students use this model for learning, as an educational display, or as a sample in order to make their own model of human heart for a science project or class project.

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