UV Detector

Invisible ultraviolet radiations from sun or other sources can cause sunburn, skin cancer and damage eyes. It is important for us to detect the presence and strength of UV lights so that we can minimize our exposure or protect ourselves by using UV filtering eyeglasses and sunscreen lotions.

Identifying the presence of UV light, comparing the strength of UV light in different places and testing sunscreens and sunglasses are important studies that are also good science project ideas for young students. One pack of solar beads is enough for all the following science experiments:

  1. Compare the strength of ultraviolet radiation in direct sunlight in different times of the day.
  2. Compare the strength of ultraviolet radiation in the shade in different times of the day.
  3. Test sunglasses for their ability to filter UV light.
  4. Test sunblock/ sunscreen lotions for their effectiveness in blocking UV radiations.

All these experiments involve the exposure of UV beads to the UV light (so that they will become colorful) and then record the time it take for the beads to become white again after you stop UV radiation.

ScienceProject.com has a project guide with step by step instructions for using UV sensitive beads in identifying or comparing the strength of UV radiation.

To order UV detector beads please use the link in this page or find the product code UVB1 in the MiniScience.com online store.

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