Make an Electric Bell

 Electric Bell Kit: $12 up to $15

No instructions are included with this bell.

The educational model of electric bell is designed so that all components are exposed and students can observe, analyze and discuss how it works.
All components including the electromagnet may be removed and reassembled for practice. This electric bell also includes an educational challenge for students. The challenge is how to connect it in order to work? It requires a 6-volt battery or similar power source. This bell can be purchased alone or with a contact wire and a battery holder that holds four AA batteries (It makes 6 volts). Batteries are not included.

Are you ready?

Making or configuring an electric bell is an educational and exciting experiment; however, it requires previous knowledge of simple electric circuits and electromagnets.

Make it your own:

While configuring, testing and experimenting with this kit, think of building another bell or buzzer with material that you can find at home or purchase from a local hardware store.

Educational Electric Bell includes:

  • Plastic base
  • Electromagnet (Bobbin, magnet wire and binding posts)
  • Gong (The round part that makes sound)
  • Bell hammer (Screw and nut at the end of armature)
  • Armature and contact spring
  • Adjustable contact screw

Additional Materials Required:

Operation of this electric bell requires a 6-volt power source. You can buy a 6-Volt battery and some connection wires from your local hardware store or you may order this bell with a battery holder. The battery holder needs four AA size batteries to produce the 6-Volt output.

Main experiment:

This electric bell comes with electromagnet, Armature and adjustable contact screw; however, these components are not connected to each other or power source. You need to figure out how to connect them in order for the armature to vibrate and make sound. You will need a few connection wires and a 6-Volt battery. If your order this product with battery holder, you will not need any additional parts (other than 4 AA batteries).

STEM Project:

Electric bell assembly or configuration is a medium level STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project. Senior students may take it to higher level by learning from this model and make their own electric bell assembled on a wood block.

Opportunities for Science Fair Projects or additional experiments:

If you need to make your own electric bell model and perform additional experiments, you must find or buy your own materials. Do not try to use the components of this educational electric bell. Doing so may permanently disable this product.

If you are making your own electric bell for an advanced level science project, you may study any of the following:

1. How does the number of wire loops on electromagnet affects the operation voltage of electric bell?

2. How does the wire gage on electromagnet affects the operation voltage of electric bell?

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