LAB1A Student Laboratory set

(Ages 10 to 18)

Lab1A is a collection of the most widely used laboratory equipment and supplies for students who want to have their own private laboratory. This collection is recommended fro students age 10 and above. Use them to perform experiments your own creativity
This set includes:
  • Test Tube rack
  • 12 glass borosilicate 16mm x 150mm test tubes
  • 5 Clear Plastic test tubes with cap.
  • Test tube clamp
  • Balance Scale
  • Spring Scale
  • Alcohol Burner
  • 2 Watch glasses
  • Glass Beaker 250 ml
  • Test tube brush
  • 5 Pipettes (1mL)
  • 5 Pipettes (10 mL)
  • 6 Petri Dishes
Petri Dishes are made of clear plastic and can be used for storing specimen, growing seeds, growing bacteria or other micro organisms.

Balance Scale has a durable metal structure and can be used to measure mass of material.

Spring scale is used to measure weight and force.

Glass beaker can be used for heating chemicals on a hotplate. This beaker is graduated by 25mL units.

Test tube rack can hold test tubes upside up or upside down for drying.

Plastic test tubes can be used for growth of microorganisms and storing specimen.

Watch glasses also known as drying glasses 


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