Instructions for MiniScience Kits

With each kit, you receive a page that provides you with the URL (Universal Resource Locator) for the instructions page. You must type the complete URL (starting with

Following Links are provided for your convenience. Please note that these instructions are based on materials available in MiniScience kits.

Science Project Kits Technology Project Kits
  1. Simple Electric Circuit
  2. Air Battery Standard, Advanced
  3. Wooden Generator (Original Version)
  4. Wooden Generator (New Smaller Version)
  5. Make Electricity (From Fruits or chemicals)
  6. Bacteria Growth Kit
  7. Battery Test Kit
  8. Benedict Solution Kit
  9. Bicycle Power Generator
  10. Calorimeter
  11. DNA Model
  12. Electricity and Conductivity
  13. Electromagnetism
  14. Floating Rings
  15. Floating Wheels (Frictionless bearing)
  16. Magnet Levitation (Levitating Train)
  17. Starch Test Kit
  18. Accuracy of Sand Clocks (hourglasses)
  19. Slime Science
  20. Hand Warmer Science Set


  1. Solar Car (Gear Propulsion)
  2. Mousetrap Powered Car
  3. Rubber_band Car
  4. Electric Car
  5. Propeller car
  6. Pulley Motor Car
  7. Flying Bat (WRIGHT BAT)
  8. My First Catapult
  9. Simple Electric Motor (Magnet Motor)
  10. Gauss Rifle Project
    (A Magnetic Linear Accelerator)
  11. Car Boat
  12. Air propulsion Motor Boat
  13. Pneumatic Lift
  14. Thermoelectric Generator
  15. Buzz Wire
  16. MAGNEETO Floating Wheel
  17. Motor Generator Kit


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