Metals Collection

Six Metals Collection







Collection includes:
  • Bismuth Pallets (10 x 10-gram pallets)
  • Zinc sheet (2 sheets of 3.5" x 6")
  • Lead wire (5 feet, 1/8")
  • Tin Shots (200 grams)
  • Titanium rod (3 x 11" rods)
  • Copper sheets (2 sheets of 1.5" x 6")

Recommended use:

This is collection of 6 hard to find metals in the consumer market. These metals can be used for educational, scientific and research applications. Bismuth pallets can be used in demonstration magnet levitation. Copper and Zinc can be used in constructing fruit battery and galvanic cell. Tin and lead can be used for soldering, casting, or making different alloys.

This is a perfect educational collection for students who like to observe and examine color, hardness, density, melting point and many other properties of metals in their experiments.

Warning: Sheet metals have sharp edges.


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