Slime Science Set

Slime science is a beginner level chemistry/ material science project that introduces students to some chemicals, including synthetic and natural polymers (Gums) allowing them to change the properties of certain polymers and make new and interesting products such as soft slime, Flip-Flop Slime, Power Putty, Glooze, Wiggly Wonder.
Good for those who like chemicals.

It is exciting for students to see how two liquids can mix and form a slimy or rubbery substance.


Warning: This project requires adult support and supervision. Preparation of materials in most cases must be done by an educated adult. It will take about 2 hours to prepare the materials.



Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about natural and synthetic polymers.
  • using a cross-linking chemical to make new materials (cross-linked polymers)

Use the following links for different types of slime:

1. Make PVA Slime

2. Make Guar Gum Slime



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