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Human Brain Project

This project is recommended for students interested in biology, medical science and psychology.

Human brain is the most valuable, interesting and amazing part of our body. 

The brain acts as the control center of the central nervous system and gives us the ability to learn and understand. 

The brain controls and coordinates most sensory systems, movement, behavior, and homeostatic body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, fluid balance, and body temperature. The brain is the source of cognition, emotion, memory, and motor, and other forms of learning. Many behaviors such as simple reflexes and basic locomotion, can be executed under spinal cord control alone.

Many studies have been performed in order to find out how does the brain work and how are different functions divided among different parts of the brain. 

Students may perform many different science projects about brain. The most common brain related project is "Brain Display".

Brain Display Project

In this project you will label the parts of the brain in a diagram or on a 3D model. Your display board will also include some description about each part. When you do a brain display project, not only you will learn about the brain parts for yourself, but you will also help others to learn about the brain while visiting your display. 

Procedure: Start with a plain 3D model. Use water based paint to paint different brain lobes. Let each paint dry before you start the next. Only use light colors so your writings will be viewable on the model.

When all paints are dry, use a small tip marker to write the function of each part of the brain.

How you label the brain parts depends on your grade and knowledge. At the highest level, you must label the brain parts and their functions. For example you will label the areas that are in charge of different senses and functions such as smell, hearing, taste, vision, short term memory, long term memory. You may also use the technical name of each portion as shown in this diagram:

If you label your model with technical names, then you need to write the function of each section on your display board or your report. The advantage of a 3D model is that it makes it easier to visualize the different parts of the brain. Search the Internet for "Parts of the brain" to see how you can label the brain parts.

Are you trying to make a model of human brain? 

This low cost, hand crafted model is often used by students who are trying to make a model of brain and by those who need a model brain as a valuable addition to their science project display.

Having an actual model is a valuable help for any one who needs to make a model of brain for the first time.

Some brain parts are labeled in this diagram

About the model brain:

1 X the actual human brain, this model of the brain comes on a stand.  It is vertically dissected into two parts.  This model is hand painted and has numbered parts along with keyed description.  This model will make a great teaching tool at home or office.

The parts displayed are the following:

  • Frontal Lobe
  • Cerebellum
  • Pons
  • Corpus Collosum
  • Lateral Ventricle
  • Spinal Cord
  • Optic Nerve
  • Medulla Oblongata

Related link for additional information: The Nervous System

Teachers use this model to teach about human brain.

Students use this model for learning, as an educational display, or as a sample in order to make their own model of human brain for a science project or class project.

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